Turns out ‘The Benedict Option’ is a hoax

I was a little mystified, having finished reading The Benedict Option (TBO), to discover not only that the book turns out to be in many respects an elaborate – albeit well-intentioned and probably evangelically useful – practical joke, but also that so few seem to have noticed that author Rod Dreher himself admits as much about halfway […]

How to stop reading boring books to your kids, and learn to love bedtime

I’m told that a lot of parents don’t read to their kids because they find it tedious, boring. I’m not surprised. If the contents of the shelves of my local library are any indication, most children’s literature being produced nowadays is stiflingly banal, as insulting to the intelligence and sensibilities of the kids as to […]

I dare you to read this life-changing book

“If you eat ketchup-smeared French fries with your fingers day after day, you are well on your way to the Cyclops.” John Senior – The Restoration of Christian Culture John Senior, the curmudgeonly but brilliant author of The Restoration of Christian Culture, did not like French Fries. Food is to be eaten with forks, not fingers, he reasoned, […]