I think some of my friends believe I have lost my mind. I’ve always prided myself on how I use social media: engaging with everyone with charity, avoiding the hint of an ad hominem, and carefully limiting my use. I’ve violated all these principles, and more, in recent days.

The fact is, I’m angry. I’m very, very angry. I don’t believe this is healthy or right or good. I have been spending a lot more time in prayer in recent days. And yet, the anger keeps bubbling up. Yesterday, I deactivated my social media accounts. And yet, the anger is still there.

And so I am going to explain some of the reasons for my anger. You be the judge if I have lost my mind.

‘Hang Pence’

In 2015, I was working full-time as a conservative journalist and editor. I vividly remember the suspicion, even disgust, most social conservatives expressed at the time, when it looked like Trump might clinch the GOP nomination. How could we ever get behind, or trust such a man?

Then, in July, 2016, Trump chose Mike Pence as his running mate. That was a brilliant move. We didn’t know what to make of Trump. But we did know Pence. And Pence was committed. He was the real deal. So, we climbed aboard the Trump Train.

Anybody who’s paid attention, knows that Pence was the driving force behind the Trump admin’s social conservative agenda. Yes, Trump deserved kudos for getting behind it, but Pence was the architect. He was our main man in the White House. And for four years, he delivered.

On Tuesday, on Twitter, Trump repeatedly called for Pence to reject the certified electors in the swing states, saying that if he didn’t, Pence would be to blame for his loss. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I was literally shaking with anger as I read those Tweets. Trump was publicly setting up Pence as his fall guy, his scapegoat.

“The coward,” I thought. “The double-crossing, two-faced, lying, unscrupulous, disloyal, thankless ingrate,” I added. “This,” I thought, “this is the moment. This is the moment when social conservatives wake up, and realize that they’re in bed with a snake, a crocodile.”  


Trump repeated his accusations against Pence at the rally on Wed. morning. “If Mike Pence does the right thing we win the election,” he said. He even dared to suggest that if Pence didn’t do what he said, it was because he lacked “courage”.

Pence responded with a statement explaining why he couldn’t do what Trump was demanding he do. Clearly, he was right. You’d have to be insane or delusional to think the framers of the Constitution or the 12th amendment intended to grant the vice president the authority to do what Trump was demanding Pence do. (“Hey, let’s give unilateral authority to reject legislatively-certified electoral votes to the politician whose continued position and power depend on the outcome of that vote! What a great idea! Because a little tyranny never hurt democracy, amiright?”) Which is why it has never happened in the history of the country.

According to reports (UPDATE: here’s video), during the ensuing riot some of the rioters rampaged through the Capitol looking for Pence, so they could string him up. Some of them built a gallows in front. A day later, “hang Mike Pence” trended on Twitter.

All of this was entirely foreseeable. Trump foresaw it, and yet he betrayed Pence like a coward, handing him over to the bloodlust of the followers whom he had fanned into fury.

And MAGA, including many social conservatives on my social media feeds, followed suit, kicking Pence the moment Trump whistled, choosing Trump over the man who had proven, through years of faithful service, that he is a man of integrity, conviction, authentic faith, and moral courage.

So yeah, I’m angry.

‘Mostly peaceful’

In the minutes after the Capitol riot, I watched as numerous conservative friends and acquaintances started sharing memes and images claiming that two of the most visible rioters were “Antifa” and “BLM” provocateurs.

From the moment the first of these memes crossed my social feed, to the moment my feed was flooded with them, was less than an hour. Within a couple hours, millions of people had spread them across Facebook and Twitter.

It took me less than two minutes to identify both of the men. Both of them are well-known Trump supporters. I quickly wrote an article exposing the lie. But by that time it was too late. Millions of people already believed they had “proof” that the riot was instigated by Antifa provocateurs. Nothing will ever convince them otherwise.

On Wed. evening, a Washington Times article claiming that a “facial recognition” company, XRvision, had identified “Antifa” activists in the crowd went viral. It was shared over 350,000 times on Facebook. Later that night, Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz repeated the allegation on the House floor. Within hours XRVision sent a cease and desist order to the Times, noting that they had in fact identified members of neo-nazi organizations in the crowd. But, too late. Millions had already seen and believed the first version of the story.

In the days since, MAGA fans have dug up a couple of videos that show, or appear to show, police letting rioters into the Capitol.  These videos, they claim, prove that the whole riot was a “set up”, a “false flag operation”; or that the protest was a “mostly peaceful” – or even “almost entirely peaceful” – demonstration that is being overblown by the media and Democrats.

And so, bathing in the waters of absolution provided by this newest fantasy, MAGA rests with a clear conscience, convicted that it was “them,” not “us“, who is most to blame. (The first rule of political fight club: it’s always “them,” it’s never “us.”)

Fantasy, I say, because in order to believe this theory, you would have to ignore the dozens and dozens of horrifying videos showing hordes of hundreds of MAGA fans physically battling with the police inside and outside the Capitol, pushing through police lines (in one video, a young officer, bleeding from the mouth, screams in pain as he is wedged between a door and his shield, while the mob pushes on, heedless), smashing barriers and doors, dragging a fallen police officer down the steps and beating him while hundreds of rioters continue an all-out assault on officers guarding the door, interrogating and assaulting journalists, and all the while screaming “traitor!” at the police protecting the Capitol.

You would have to ignore the fact of 60 police officers injured, one dead. Another officer took his own life days after the riot. (I remember the mockery among conservatives when UK media reported on a BLM protest this summer, in which a “mere” 27 police were injured as being “mostly peaceful.”)

You’d have to ignore all the arrest reports of known Trump supporters, including one who showed up with an M4 rifle, loaded magazines, handguns, and jars filled with homemade napalm; or the one who texted to friends, on his way to the demonstration, “Headed to DC with a shit ton of 5.56 armor-piercing ammo.” And then, “Thinking about heading over to Pelosi Cunt’s speech and putting a bullet in her noggin on Live TV.”

Many of the people credulously spreading the Antifa/BLM narrative as proven fact, or downplaying the violence, or excusing or even celebrating the riot, or escaping the duty of self-reflection and self-correction with puerile, pathetic whataboutism, or excusing Trump from all blame, are social conservative activists who should know better.

So yeah, I’m angry.

Electoral Fraud and the Triumph of Fantasy

This is the point where, as a committed conservative, I’m supposed to make excuses for my ideological allies. This is where I’m supposed to explain that we only reached this point because the political establishment and the mainstream media have lied and treated us like dirt for so long; because after four years of constant attacks and demonization of our most preciously held beliefs conservatives were driven to desperation. “Maybe what happened at the Capitol isn’t excusable, but it was understandable,” I’m supposed to say. “After all, it was ‘they’ who pushed us to the breaking point,” etc. etc.

Well, I’m not going to do that.

As a friend of mine noted on Facebook the other day, there’s this old, medieval theory called “the theory of free will.” It states that we’re individually responsible for our actions, whatever the circumstances.

One thing conservatives love to do is to make fun of the “fake news media.” And one of our favorite fantasies is that our favorite alternative conservative media outlets are the place to go to get the “real truth” about what’s going on.

In reality, many alternative conservative news sites and outlets are as one-sided, biased, and full of lies and fake news as CNN and MSNBC. Often, much more so. Conservatives, as much as liberals, have lost the taste for the hard work involved in separating fact from fiction. We’ve gotten comfortable with lies. We love a good conspiracy theory. We read news agencies that tell us what we want to hear. We share juicy claims about our enemies without asking if they’re true, because it convinces us we’re on the “right side”. We believe everything our allies say, because it makes us feel good. And we never, ever admit we’ve gotten something wrong, or apologize when we’re caught sharing fake news.

A few months ago, I saw a prominent conservative leader post a “quote” by Kamala Harris on his Facebook page. The quote was horrifying. “Our soldiers have become nothing more than a collection of evil sadistic monsters whose sole purpose of existence is to maim and slaughter,” Harris reportedly said. I knew the quote was fake the moment I clapped eyes on it. So I tracked the source down. It was from a satirical website. There was also a Snopes fact-check. I posted the link to the fact-check below the post on the conservative leader’s page.

Then I turned to my wife, who was sitting across the table, and quipped wryly, “How long until someone reams me out for relying on Snopes?” I laughed when, a minute or two later, an employee from another conservative organization dismissed my post, denouncing Snopes as “leftist propaganda.”

A few years ago, I started tracking instances of fake news shared by conservatives in my news feed. But I gave it up. There was just too damn much of it. But whenever I point out that fake news is a problem on the right as much as on the left, I’m accused of being overly scrupulous. “Why are you wasting your time criticizing conservatives, when the liberals are destroying the country?”

Well, because without truth, we’re screwed. That’s one huge reason why I think we’re screwed right now. We’re unmoored from reality, floating in a soothing bath of fake or biased news and outright fantasy.

Many of my conservative acquaintances are flabbergasted that I do not believe that the 2020 election was stolen. They cannot imagine how an honest person faced with the sheer volume of fraud allegations, affidavits, and videos, and the obvious malice of the left towards the President, can remain unconvinced that the whole thing stank to high heaven.

I won’t say that the election was not stolen. I don’t know that, if only because I can’t claim to have evaluated every allegation – an impossible task. However, what I do know for certain, is that a staggering number of the fraud allegations that people think prove the election was stolen are demonstrably false, and that the people most responsible for pushing the fraud narrative are completely unworthy of our trust.

I spent weeks poring over the allegations. More often than not, there came a moment when it became clear that the allegation I was investigating was based upon a basic misunderstanding or misreading of the data, relevant law or electoral procedures, or that the “evidence” offered to support the allegation was erroneous, incomplete, circumstantial, cherry-picked, or dishonest.

Let me put it this way: Ten thousand grainy, 30-second, carefully clipped CCTV videos of election officials doing something that The Gateway Pundit assures you is shady or fraudulent does not a single provable case of election fraud make.

The fact is, most people who are absolutely convinced that the election was stolen, have never once, since Nov. 2, seriously considered the possibility that it wasn’t. From the moment those first videos began to circulate of Arizona Republicans falsely claiming that election workers had deliberately invalidated their votes by making them fill out the ballots with Sharpies, they never looked back. They knew the election was stolen. If it wasn’t Sharpiegate, it was something else.

Maybe not all the allegations were true. But some of them must be! If not this one, than the next one. Every day, Trump and his lawyers and allies made new allegations. It was impossible to keep up. There was a tsunami of fraud. We were buried in fraud. Trump must be right. He won by a “landslide”. By “millions” of votes!

If one allegation fell apart, no worries, there was always another twenty to take its place. And besides, Trumpists could always just move the goalpost. “The Georgia recount will expose massive fraud, will prove that Dominion machines algorithmically switched votes!” When the recount showed that, in fact, the hand count matched the Dominion count, then it was, “We need a second recount. That will expose the fraud”. When the second recount also validated the result, then it was, “Audit the signatures! That’s where the fraud really took place!” When a signature matching audit in Cobb county found no fraud, then it was, “Audit the signatures in Fulton county. That’s where the fraud is to be found!”

When a judge rejected a lawsuit, it was because he was an “Obama appointee.” When the judge was a Trump appointee, it was because he was a “traitor.”

I could go on like this for a long time, but I won’t. If you believe the election was stolen, I’m probably not going change your mind. Frankly, at this point, I’m not even sure it even matters.

Even if the election was stolen, by now we should all be able to agree that Trump and his lawyers were so catastrophically incompetent in how they set about “proving” their case, that they bear a huge portion of the blame for where we find ourselves now. If Trump can’t manage to get a single judge to rule his way, or if he can’t convince even the pro-Trump Republican governor and secretary of state of Georgia that he’s right, maybe he’s not the brilliant operator we’re supposed to believe he is.

On the other hand, maybe – just maybe – the whole thing was another giant, convenient fantasy, like the fantasy that the riots on Wed. were perpetrated by Antifa. Maybe we should have listened to Sen. Ben Sasse – that “traitor” (who isn’t a traitor these days?) – who said a few days ago that all his colleagues admit in private conversation that they don’t actually believe the election was stolen. Really, they’re just terrified of the MAGA fans who do believe it. And hell, if they had reason to be terrified before Wednesday, they sure have reasons to be terrified now.

Maybe we’re all just suckers. Maybe we were all played by Trump. And why should we be surprised? We knew all along that he was a compulsive liar. But somewhere along the line, for some reason, we started believing his lies. Because, I suppose, his lies sounded so much better than the truth. But that’s no excuse.

So yeah, I’m angry.

The king crocodile of the swamp

Roger Stone had something to say a couple days ago. “The @AmericaFirstProject are building a database liof (sic) Republicans who opposed the president,” he wrote on Parler. “We will be able to tell exactly where they are and we will hold them responsible for their actions. Hey Stuart Stevens go fuck yourself you talentless piece of human garbage. Why does your breath smell like Mitt Romney’s cock.”

Stone, recently pardoned by Trump, arguably has the distinction of being the man, other than Trump, most responsible for Trump’s presidency. He is allegedly the one who convinced Trump to run. As president, Trump put into practice Stone’s Machiavellian political strategies, outlined in the book Stone’s Rules.

After Trump commuted Stone’s prison sentence, Stone claimed he was “born again”. He was reading the Bible every day, he said. He started making the rounds of Sunday pulpits, giving his “testimony.” I watched several of these “testimonies.” They were indistinguishable from pro-Trump stump speeches, except that every now and then, like a good prosperity preacher, Stone would drop some reference to “the Lord.”  

I’m Catholic, and so I was stunned when Catholic media figures Patrick Coffin and Michael Voris gave fawning interviews to Stone. Eric Metaxas had Stone on his show. All three of them treated Stone as a hero and a martyr, and accepted his conversion story at face value. Stone recently told my good friend Jonathon van Maren that he believes that there is a “prophesy” that says that he will save the country. (What isn’t there a prophesy about these days?)

A few weeks ago, I was discussing Lin Wood, Sidney Powell’s right-hand man, with a pro-life activist. I expressed my view, after watching him at the Stop the Steal rally in Georgia, that Wood was smarmy and untrustworthy, and that he was putting on an act for religious MAGA fans. Like Stone, Wood made sure to drop plentiful references to “the Lord” and Biblical stories during the Georgia rally. But the whole time watching him, I felt like I was bathing in grease.

My interlocutor assured me that I just didn’t get it, and that Wood was a “big deal” to conservatives in the States. He was a hero. Within days, Wood was on Twitter calling Chief Justice John Roberts a pedophile (that’s one way of convincing SCOTUS to hear your election fraud lawsuit!) and repeatedly calling for Pence to be executed by firing squad. Wood is one of those responsible for spreading the Antifa rumors after the riot, deceptively posting a photo of one of the rioters taken from an Antifa website, without disclosing that the photo was from an article exposing the rioter for being a white supremacist.

A couple weeks ago, Michael Flynn publicly called for Trump to institute martial law and administer another election using the military. (This was another moment when I thought to myself: “This is the moment. This is when MAGA-supporting social conservatives will realize that the Trump Train has completely jumped the tracks!” Nope. Instead, martial law became the cool, hip and totally reasonable thing to do.) Recently Flynn has begun to sell QAnon merchandise.

In November, Sidney Powell burst onto the scene, claiming to have proved, in the space of two weeks, a vast, international conspiracy involving multiple multi-national corporations, dead dictators, Cuba, Venezuela, China, Germany, and more. As a longtime journalist, it boggled my mind even to consider the number of facts Powell would have had to establish in just two weeks to prove her case. None of it added up. None of it has withstood scrutiny. But she did have an affidavit from an anonymous Venezualan official. Oh, and another by a “military intelligence expert” with the James Bondish codename “Spyder”, who turned out to be a former mechanic with no intelligence experience. Oh, and another by “private contractor with experience gathering and analyzing foreign intelligence” who turned out to be a pro-Trump podcaster with a nasty habit of claiming to have advanced degrees and credentials that she doesn’t in fact have. Powell, too, has repeatedly signaled her support for QAnon. Now, she is being sued by Dominion for $1.3 billion in damages.

These are MAGA’s heroes. These are the people I’ve been told over and over again in recent weeks will “save” the Republic, the people to whom I owed unquestioning loyalty, whom I was denounced for doubting or criticizing.

Grifters. Con artists. Conspiracy theorists.

Meanwhile, these are the people who MAGA has now labelled “traitors”: Mike Pence, Bill Bar, Betsy Devos, Amy Coney Barrett (all of Trump’s SCOTUS nominees, in fact) Brad Raffensperger, Brian Kemp…in fact, anybody and everybody who has ever dared ever breathe a word of criticism of Trump.

For the past four years, Trump hasn’t been draining the swamp. He is the swamp. Or rather, the king crocodile of the swamp.

But any time I, or others, have raised these concerns in public, we’ve been told that we’ve lost the plot, that we’re turncoats, that we’re not really “on side.” That we’re Never Trumpers (even if we weren’t). That we’re weak, and cowardly. Cucks. That we just don’t “like” Trump because he’s not “nice” enough. That we’re suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

So yeah, I’m angry.

Diabolical disorientation

Nothing, absolutely nothing, has disturbed me more over the past four years, than the weird misuse of Christian religious language, spirituality and mysticism in service of the Trumpist political agenda. I’ve written about this elsewhere, and so I won’t repeat myself here.

However, I will add that I hope the day will come when I will see other alleged Trumpist “prophets,” or the people who spread their prophesies, apologizing for misleading the faithful, as Christian leader Jeremiah Johnson recently did (And has since received death threats for so doing.)

The effect of these alleged prophesies has been to endow political loyalties with a degree of religious fervor and conviction that rightly belong only to God. Clad in the certitude of total faith, Trumpist true believers have breezily rejected every inconvenient fact or event or piece of evidence as a diabolical deception. After all, what do your “facts” matter, when God Himself has told us the truth? Eric Metaxas even stated that he didn’t need evidence that the election had been stolen; he knew that Trump had been re-elected, because God was on Trump’s side.

In reality, this was the diabolical deception: the complete confusion of spiritual and political loyalties; the rejection of reason and fact in favor of credulous belief in unproven and untested “prophesies” that amounted to little more than wish fulfillment fantasies rubberstamped with divine endorsement.

In the world of Trumpism, religious principles were rewritten to accommodate Trump, rather than Trump being measured according to religious principles. The mere fact that Trump openly used religious language and imagery and made overt gestures to a religious demographic was taken as a de facto triumph, indisputable evidence that the President was bringing the United States back to God, that his faith was sincere, that he was God’s instrument doing God’s work.

And if you doubted this, it was because you lacked faith.

The result was a weird, perverse form of Christian nationalism. As Russell Moore wrote this week:

The sight of “Jesus Saves” and “God Bless America” signs by those violently storming the Capitol is about more than just inconsistency. It is about a picture of Jesus Christ and of his gospel that is satanic. The mixing of the Christian religion with crazed and counter-biblical cults such as Q-Anon is telling the outside world that this is what the gospel is. That’s a lie, and it is blasphemous against a holy God.

Trump has not brought the country back to God. He and his grifter friends have infiltrated and perverted the Church, exploiting Christians’ spiritual loyalties to serve his personal ambitions, recreating the church in MAGA’s image, and luring us away from our core religious, ethical and political principles.

So yeah, I’m angry.

Escaping the cult

Right now, the tech companies are reacting to the riot with a massive crackdown on conservative viewpoints and personalities. This must be opposed fiercely. The monopoly of the tech giants is, hands down, the greatest threat to freedom right now.

However, I will say this: This was foreseeable. And it was preventable.

And it is this, above everything, that makes me angry.

I have said since the first day of Trump’s presidency, that the primary result of his presidency would be to foment a backlash from the left that would not only erase whatever conservative gains he pursued in the meantime, but would ensure that conservatives were ultimately far worse off than if he had never been president.

It is hard to deny that this is where we find ourselves now: Most of Trump’s accomplishments were accomplished through personnel changes or executive orders. All of this will be wiped out on the first day of the Biden administration. Meanwhile, MAGA has descended into a rat’s nest of violence, conspiracy theorizing, and cultish thinking, culminating in a horrific attack on the seat of democracy that has given the tech giants the excuse and public support they need to conduct a purge, silencing and marginalizing conservative voices. Meanwhile, the whole GOP is weakened by this internal civil war, the conservative movement divided and rendered ineffectual by ferocious disagreements over the personality who has dominated our every waking hour for the past five years.

The right’s response right now is to blame everything on the left. No doubt, the left bears a great deal of the blame. I can recite the litany of leftist crimes of the past four years as well as anybody else. But I have lost all patience with whataboutism. I have lost all patience with the mental habit of eschewing responsibility by responding to all criticism or internal self-doubt by reciting the litany of grievances against the left.

All we had to do, was stay true our principles: Truth matters. Character matters. Charity, decency, honesty, the rule of law, love for our enemies, humility, goodness – all of these matter.

Some conservatives have been asking me why I’m directing so much of my anger at “our side,” when the “other side” has done so many horrible things. The short answer? Because I’m not responsible for the other side. I can’t change them. I have no influence over them. I am not surprised when my enemies do things I disagree with. It doesn’t make me angry, because I never expected anything different.

But when my own side abandons its own principles willy-nilly, and then girds itself in the impregnable armour of puerile whataboutism (“Ok, so we did riot a little. But what about all those BLM riots over the summer, huh? Why didn’t the media get as angry about those!”), then I get angry.

As I wrote a few months ago:

Every day over the past four years, I’ve seen and heard things that have troubled me, things that did not jibe with anything that I’d been taught to value as a conservative, a Christian and a thinker – things that, if a Democrat president had done or said the same, I know with certitude would have provoked ferocious responses from the right.

I noted, for instance, that Trump had a distressingly tenuous relationship with truth; that he was often unaccountably cruel not only to his sworn enemies, but to anybody who questioned or criticized him; that he had an extraordinary inability to earn and to maintain trust and loyalty among his advisors, friends and family; that his White House was a dumpster fire, a sordid day-time soap opera, with a revolving door of advisors and officials, welcomed effusively one minute, and thrown under the bus (or in prison) the next, with a final kick on Twitter for good effect; that he seemed to be surrounded and supported by a cabal of common con-men, grifters and snake-oil salesmen; that he spent a bizarre amount of time in frivolous feuds on Twitter, hurling schoolyard insults, or obsessing over cable news; that his unscripted speeches and interviews were frequently garbled and nonsensical; that he often displayed a failure to grasp the details or nuances of complex situations.

None of this necessarily amounted to a deal breaker, of course, especially in light of the ways Trump was delivering on key promises to social conservatives, and especially given the alternative. Clearly, however, The Most Important Thing was to keep our wits about us, shrewdly distinguishing the pros from the cons, weighing them in the balance, and being careful…very, very careful about how we went about mixing our brand with that of America’s #1 Salesman.

Instead, however, I increasingly heard conservative and Christian figures either flat-out deny the troubling things that I saw, or spin them as net positives rather than negatives. In many cases, it’s as if the troubling things I saw had been passed through Calvin’s transmogrifier, with incompetence re-emerging as incomprehensible genius, self-inflicted political wounds as proof of the persecution of the deep state, impulsive social media posting as a form of 8-D political chess, and ego-driven brawling as righteous crusading.

At some point Trumpism went from a political movement, to a political cult. I want out. I want everybody I know and love and respect to get out. I want to get back to the time when Christians and conservatives knew what they stood for. When we didn’t bend over backward to defend the indefensible. When our heroes and allies weren’t a collection of swamp creatures. When we knew better than to give absolute loyalty to any man. When we knew that culture, and family, and faith mattered far more than politics. When we valued and recognized goodness, decency, loyalty, truth, kindness, integrity, courage. When we knew that character is destiny.

So yeah, I’m angry.

Published by John Jalsevac

I am a PhD student in philosophy.

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  1. Maybe start by not referring to the people you disagree with politically as “enemies”. I’m really tired of being called un-Patriotic, un-American, an enemy, a traitor, evil. I got sick of having the President of my country tell his followers that I was their enemy, that I wanted to harm them, that I wanted to “steal their vote”, that I wanted to “overturn” their choice, that I was to be feared and reviled and mocked and beat up.

    So if you want this to end, maybe start treating those of us on the other end of the political spectrum like human beings and fellow Americans and not “the enemy”. That would be a start

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  2. If you don’t believe the election was stolen, how do you justify the unconstitutional changes made by non-legislators? How about the testimony of Col. Waldron, a forensic cyber expert or Jovan Hutton Pulitzer? It’s easier to blame Trump that recognize that a hallmark of our republic has been compromised. Get off the fucking train. We won’t miss you.


    1. This is exactly what the author is talking about! Waldron’s testimony was THOROUGHLY debunked by the Republican-led Michigan House Oversite Committee.
      You should read the Detroit Free Press instead of Parler.


  3. Thanks for your thoughts. Are you willing to take the next step and recognize the deep levels of cognitive dissonance required to function as a modern conservative? That’s why Trump was able to take power so easily – casual cruelty and denial of facts is now woven deeply into the mindset. The constant references to how awful the left is makes it clear that you’re suffering from the same hatred and delusions – you’re just less far on that spectrum. In the same way you wish your fellow believers would just look at the credibility of Trump’s claims, shouldn’t you examine the social and financial consequences of Republican presidencies and wake yourself up? Do you really want to serially wreck the Country and block progress just for a single issue?

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    1. As I read this article I was irritated by the same thing as Bruce mentions, i.e. that this author appears to STILL be demonizing “the left.” I resent being FORCED into a category, personally. I identify as a Catholic – not as a political animal – because NEITHER PARTY typically upholds the entirety of Christ’s message, values, expectations, etc. IN FACT I was going to vote for Trump because “pro life” but realized who he was after researching him. So I ended up voting for Hillary Clinton because she would have been better than Trump. I lost ALL my friends but one from my parish because I didn’t vote for Trump. I have had conservatives call me names and tell me I am “evil” that I am a “demoncrat” and the list goes on. MOST disturbing is every single damn time I try to discuss AN ISSUE, I get thrown all these STRAW MAN ARGUMENTS, wanting me to defend “Demoncrats” and burbling on about murdered babies and Nancy Pelosi and on and on and on. “The LEFT” is FAR less cohesive than the right – and FAR less partisan! I feel NO devotion to the Democrat Party and I am not alone. I suspect, however, that if this author is honest with himself,, he has inserted these nasty comments about THE LEFT so that his typical conservative readership doesn’t dump him forever.

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      1. Random capitalization aside, I’m not sure what your point is. The left refers to a general ideological drift known in this country as progressivism (often incorrectly labeled liberalism, but that’s not an accurate depiction of their ideology as they are often anti-liberal). The Democratic party is home of this ideology, and despite the nomination and election of the relatively less far-left Joe Biden, the Democratic party is pushing more extreme and more dangerous ideas. Conservatives who dislike Trump aren’t suddenly going to abandon our philosophy and support the other party simply because Donald Trump and his minions are also bad. As a matter of fact we (okay, I) reject Trumpism to the extent it is a coherent philosophy precisely because it is little different than the progressive left. Both are victimology-based movements centered on identity politics and a radical rejection of the classical liberal tradition enshrined in the US constitution. Assuming John is coming from the same place as I am, he can’t simply ignore the massive problems with the American left.

        There’s a third way that rejects both these extreme populist ideologies and embraces classical liberalism.


      2. But you can simply ignore the massive problems of the right? That’s fine – have to pick one, in our current two party system, but at least be honest that one side was willing to take a huge step toward totalitarian rule with relatively little effort. Whatever you think the left ‘wants to do’, in practice Democratic Presidents leave the country better off and Republican Presidents leave it worse off, at least for the last fifty years or so.

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      3. @Paul

        ” the Democratic party is pushing more extreme and more dangerous ideas.”

        What “extreme and dangerous ideas”. Please be specific rather than using the same fear-mongering nothing-phrases that conservatives continue to use to stoke fear and hate among their supporters.

        Exactly what ideas the Dems are promoting are “dangerous”? Increased minimum wage? Better health care for all Americans? Providing Covid support directly to people and small businesses?

        In fact, hey, here’s the entire Democratic 2020 platform. Which of these items is “extreme” and which is “dangerous” – and why? Please be specific in what way they’re dangerous.



    2. “But you can simply ignore the massive problems of the right?:

      That’s what’s called a “strawman argument.” I never said that problems on the right should be ignored. In fact, I quite pointedly said that Trumpism is a problem. My point is that we can’t ignore the issues with leftist ideology

      ” but at least be honest that one side was willing to take a huge step toward totalitarian rule with relatively little effort.”

      Considering the continued efforts to cancel out all “problematic thought” on social media, to deplatform individuals, to coerce corporations to support only right-thinking individuals, the tendency towards authoritarianism and totalitarianism is not merely a right-wing phenomenon.

      “Whatever you think the left ‘wants to do’, in practice Democratic Presidents leave the country better off and Republican Presidents leave it worse off, at least for the last fifty years or so.”

      This is so verifiably silly it’s not even worth further engagement.


      1. “so verifiably silly it’s not worth further engagement” = I can’t provide actual facts to respond so I’m going to demean the very idea with a laugh and a wave


  4. I’m middle of the road, some conservative ideas, a few more liberal ones. I idolized Reagan alongside my dad but “trickle down” has long been shown useless to a functional economy, and tbh Trump has pushed me further left on social and national security policy as I have seen damage he’s done to both. The last four years have been upsetting because of his behavior but also because every time I have pointed out what you see, that he would throw the entire nation under the bus for a dollar, that he’s too lazy and has too large an ego to do the heavy lifting the presidency requires, I’ve been attacked for it. I don’t want harm to come to conservatives, I’m an army brat myself, I want all the people of our nation to be safe and well and happy. As more and more people literally die for lack of organized response to the pandemic I still see that no matter how much effort I put in to try to spread honest facts it’s answered with red herrings, repeated lies and disinformation that is being produced and pumped into the eyes and ears of our population to make it possible to sell one more hat or radio spot. The people who genuinely want the best for our population, men and women risking their lives in health care, are demonized. Any religious leader who dares to question how our national direction fits with any concept of morals risks his income and pulpit for it. I’m at a loss how to feel when I try to shake people awake out of compassion and they laugh or respond spitefully and a moment later another one pops up with a new falsehood to spread. I’ve gone through surprise and sorrow and frustration and rage as I watch our people be manipulated and become inured to any kind of logic or reasoning. I’m back to sorrow again this week as I see the consequences to our nation play out in the last toxic spasms of this administration. Someone will show up any minute to laugh and call me a snowflake and an enemy because I am worried for them.

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    1. Well said. It is time for a national, every person, self reflection as to what is acceptable and what is truly important to us as a society. While we have had incredibly courageous leaders we have found ways to forget them and elect the complete opposites at times. We need to step back and decide what society we want to give to our children. Also, if we would not accept actions from our children, why would we accept them from our leaders? We need to do a complete check up from the neck up. Those who disagree are not enemies. We should welcome other’s ideas and respect them. We should acknowledge that if we do not have the right message and lose elections that we need to change the message, not the rules. Thank you.

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  5. The end of the article is the greatest self-indictment by any conservative voice I have seen to date. More so than the beginning touting the administrations entire “social agenda” as Pence’s and perfect, which was a bit astonishing in itself, and even beyond the just prior to ending point characterization of removing the platform for planning/coordinating/inciting insurrection that had already resulted in violent deadly sedition we are incredibly lucky did not include mass murder of our legislators as removal of conservative thought and personality -bringing up the inevitable question of why then conservative thought and personality must be about planning/coordinating/inciting insurrection- is the ultimate self-owning point made by the long list of Trump negatives (including lying, extreme cruelty, signs of cognitive deficiencies, assembling an incompetent Cabinet and administration dedicated to grifting and conning etc some of which clearly is Trump attacking the Constitution itself) followed by “None of this necessarily amounted to a deal breaker, of course, especially in light of the ways Trump was delivering on key promises to social conservatives…”
    Yes, the ultimate in self indictments for the conservative way of life, thought, and personality. None of this matters beside getting your agenda filled, eh?

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  6. I am socially liberal and fiscally conservative. I believe that balance is key to maintain peace and happiness. I am horrified about what Trump has done to the republican party. I don’t agree with a lot of their policies, but I also don’t agree with some of the policies from the democrats. Sometimes I vote republican and some times I vote democrat depending on my research and what is at stake. The existence of both parties is absolutely necessary for a healthy democracy. However, after these last 4 years of seeing the ‘conservative’ party supporting a scumbag, I cannot in good conscious consider voting for any of them in the near future. I think this article says it all. They have lost their path. They allowed a narcissist with no morals to take over. I am sad and I am also angry!

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  7. Thanks for your honest testimony… it’s been a rough 4 years. One thing about your text that surprised me was this idea of “a purge, silencing and marginalizing conservative voices” after the Capitol incident. Big Tech has LOTS of sins to account for, I’m not one to excuse them blankly or give them a free pass, but hate speech, as it impedes on other people’s rights to safety and security (basic human rights), through incitation of violence, doesn’t qualify as “free speech”. Your freedom should never impede or give you just cause to deny another person his/her basic human rights.

    I mean that’s the whole basis of your argument about fake news and truth, is it not? You realized for yourself just how quickly it can escalate and hurt people or put them in danger!! So why does it only anger you to limit these dangerous fantasies and fallacies when it’s “conservative voices”? If Democrats were spreading QAnon and “Storm the Capital” propaganda, they would get banned too! Could it be that this whole “our side” and “their side”, viewing each other as enemies rather than participants in a civil discussion, is why your anger won’t subside? I mean you’re not wrong, there ARE clear sides, I’m not trying to deny that, here’s my thought… to you I’m probably practically a socialist, I’m canadian, but I would be a democrat if I lived down south… Universal heath care and affordable education seems very Christian to me (I was born catholic), and normal even in a well-oiled democracy: you need smart voters who can tell between these merchants of dream and car salesmen and public servants… as far as I can tell, you can do that critical work and research for facts. Montesquieu would be proud of you, republican, of your autonomy! But when education and collective well-being is left to the market wolves who want nothing more than to sell snake oil, you get a crowd of people susceptible to amazing credulity who are left vulnerable to narratives like the ones we’re seeing abound in your text and everywhere.

    What I really wonder about social conservatives, is why “my side’s” suffering from violent attacks doesn’t elicit the same gut-wrenching reaction as a Twitter ban… From Asian-americans getting it after the whole “Kung Flu/China Virus” thing, to the BLM protesters and even Antifa, who were on the frontlines of this neckbeard millitia madness, and saw it immediately for what it was, a danger to society AT LARGE, not just democrats…. What part of “bring free” justifies hate speech being allowed on private public forums that work like pipelines to hatred, as per your own admittance? The people who are stoking this flame right now, they NEED to be silenced, not as citizens or conservatives, but as agitators and participants in an insurrectional movement led by white supremacists and supporters of an authoritarian cult of personality. They are angry too, but I suspect they’re angry for a whole other lot of reasons… It all comes down to coherence, and empathy. We have to be able to see things for what they are so we can make the best informed choices as people. No democrat likes “voting against” anyone, Republicans have said for ages we like to vote with our hearts, not our heads (which again, to a trained philosophy major, must feel pretty reductive, does it not?!), or so it seems… Reeducation will need to happen to heal from this mess, a rebuild a sense of collective consciousness.. not a purge of conservatives or a purge of views, but a purge of bullshit. I thought, maybe silly of me, that the pandemic death toll and indiscriminate nature (in theory, in practice it’s a whole other ballgame…) would help bring people back to realizing that other people matter, that even though it seems you’re “paying taxes to help someone else”, that person’s contributions to society will come back to you… see the thing is with groups, they are more than the sum of their parts. We can do more together than alone in our autonomy and self-agency. We’re more efficient in groups, that’s why we’re a social species. Conservatives or liberals alike, we all need, want and deserve the same chance to thrive, and the fact that we’re considering the cry for equality of the masses of Americans “left behind” by years of conservative blocus on social progress to be equal to these felons arming themselves against their own country’s democratic system, makes ME very angry… and sleepless.. and scared for the future of my neighbors and friends in the US. Even conservatives. I don’t want a single soul to die because of that man again and his bullshit bombs.

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  8. This sums up a lot of what I have tried to explain to my Trump supporting friends and acquaintances. I have been called so many names, simply because I tried to point out facts. I was a republican for most of my voting life, until 10 or 12 years ago when I changed my registration to independent. I have always voted for the person, not the party, but because I didn’t support Trump I was totally demonized and told that I must be a democrat, and a danger to the world as they know it. And they couldn’t believe anything I said because their “research” supported their view of things. And their research came from Newsmax and OAN after they fell out with Fox. And I was the one who was “fake news”. So sad and scary.

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  9. You should be angry. Angry that you didn’t step forward and confront the thousands of lies that came out of Trumps mouth and fingers. You should be angry that you placed it on the shouts of Pence to keep the liar in chief in line. Angry that you voted into office a man who admittedly grabs women by the pussy because he can. You should be angry and ashamed.

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  10. You must be ignorant! What part of voter fraud do you not understand. Pence was the traitor and back stabber to not only President Trump but to the 74 million Americans that voted for Trump. The evidence is clear and obvious that the communist demoncrats stole not only the presidential election but also many senate and house elections as well. The communists stole our country with the help from rino’s and the corrupt judiciary. This world is not your mother or your god. It was created for man, not the other way around. This world is simply a testing ground for the souls of men. All the demoncrats have failed this test and receive Gods wrath in the end!


  11. A very meaningful piece. There is of course some progressives down here using their own propaganda to demonize any conservative views, but I find your analysis very reasonable and true. You, and all of us should be angry. Angry at these democrats of course, but primarily angry at the betrayal of our principals that has been occurring.

    God save us all.


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