The humorlessness of our politics is driving us mad

Author’s note: This ambitious essay was intended to be published prior to the U.S. election. However, I was unable to find a venue for publication for something of this scope. As the thoughts expressed remain in many ways as (indeed, if not more) relevant as when I wrote them, I am publishing the piece after […]

No, new CDC data don’t prove Covid is a “hoax”. Here’s why.

Candace Owens’ claim this morning that newly released CDC data proves that the coronavirus pandemic is a “hoax” is not supported by the data. In the post, she writes, “94% of American coronavirus deaths had underlying conditions like heart disease. Less than 10,000 Americans died from Coronavirus alone.” If my own Facebook feed is […]

If people are confused and angry at the mixed messaging on Covid right now, don’t be surprised

Ontario, Canada is still officially in a state of emergency. In this province you are not allowed to gather in groups larger than five. If you violate this order, you risk a fine of hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. And yet, on Friday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was photographed kneeling in the middle […]

His light was always on – a tribute to Dr. Patrick Keats

There are certain people in our lives who we unconsciously come to expect will always be there. They are the ones who always have been there. The stable ones. The rock-like ones. The buttresses, who quietly go about the business of holding things together, without ever drawing attention to themselves. For the very many of us who […]

Turns out ‘The Benedict Option’ is a hoax

I was a little mystified, having finished reading The Benedict Option (TBO), to discover not only that the book turns out to be in many respects an elaborate – albeit well-intentioned and probably evangelically useful – practical joke, but also that so few seem to have noticed that author Rod Dreher himself admits as much about halfway […]

How to stop reading boring books to your kids, and learn to love bedtime

I’m told that a lot of parents don’t read to their kids because they find it tedious, boring. I’m not surprised. If the contents of the shelves of my local library are any indication, most children’s literature being produced nowadays is stiflingly banal, as insulting to the intelligence and sensibilities of the kids as to […]

I dare you to read this life-changing book

“If you eat ketchup-smeared French fries with your fingers day after day, you are well on your way to the Cyclops.” John Senior – The Restoration of Christian Culture John Senior, the curmudgeonly but brilliant author of The Restoration of Christian Culture, did not like French Fries. Food is to be eaten with forks, not fingers, he reasoned, […]

Bill O’Reilly’s fall from grace makes one thing painfully clear

The dismissal of Bill O’Reilly from Fox News over allegations of sexual harassment doesn’t look good, especially coming as it does on the heels of the similarly dishonorable departure of former Fox CEO Roger Ailes. Could O’Reilly be the innocent victim of an ideological witch hunt? Did his head fall under the guillotine merely to […]